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None of the endorsements nor testimonials involving this opportunity depict guaranteed earnings by you now or in the future.

Nor do they depict revenue or profit results that a consumer/user/buyer/prospect should generally expect to achieve by using said advertised products and services.

They only demonstrate exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee or to suggest that you will obtain similar results.

Any earnings, revenue or profit results which a member may possibly achieve, are dependent on many factors and conditions, including but not limited to, work ethic, learning ability, use of the products and services, business experience, daily practices, business opportunities, business connections, market conditions, and availability of financing, to name a few.

 Due to any or all of the above, or any other unexpected factors, resulting in success impediments, it is generally expected that no earnings, revenues or profits will be achieved with the use of any products or services we present for your learning enjoyment.

Various Recommended Affiliate/Users Disclosures

1. Material Connection Disclosure - Email "You should assume that the sender of this e-mail has an affiliate relationship and/or another material connection to the providers of goods and services mentioned in this message, and may be compensated when you purchase from a provider.

" 1(a) "The sender of this email receives compensation when products and services featured herein are purchased. Results are unique. Your results will vary widely. This is an advertisement.

" 2. Affiliate Earnings Disclosure [should be used in A/R email] Every affiliate offering any product or service must so state on their offer page something similar to the following as per FTC requirements:

DISCLOSURE:" I am an affiliate for Clickaholics. If you purchase any item through my link my company or myself will earn a commission." Web Site/Page Disclosures Every affiliate offering any product or service must so state on their offer page something similar to the above as per FTC requirements.

While you may not be in a registered business for yourself, you must declare your actual physical mail address as per Can Spam requirements.

NOTE: Splash pages are hard to add disclaimers to but there is nothing to stop you from adding the term Earnings Disclaimer and linking it to your appropriate website or company Earnings Disclaimer pages.

Lead Capture pages must also assume the appropriate linkage to the appropriate disclaimer.

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